08:00   Welcome Coffee
08:30   How to localize the critical isthmus in VT ablation
    Moderators: Franck Halimi, Antonio Berruezo
08:30   Electrophysiological characteristics of arrythmogenic scars, Fiorenzo Gaita
08:50   Using imaging, Jérome Garot
09:10   Using endo/epi mapping,François Brigadeau
09:30   Using pace-mapping, Christian de Chillou
10:50   Coffee Break
11:20   Management of life-threatening arrhythmias
    Moderators: Fiorenzo Gaita, Christian de Chillou
11:20   Sudden cardiac death: Epidemiology and prevention, TBD
11:40   How to manage an electrical storm, Antonio Berruezo
12:00   VF mapping and ablation, Mélèze Hocini
12:20   Substrate ablation in patient with Brugada Syndrome, TBD
12:40   Lunch
13:40   Practical VT ablation cases with high density mapping
    Moderators: Pierre Fiorello, Eloi Marijon
13:40   With HD grid, Bertrand Pierre
14:00   With Rhythmia, Philippe Maury
14:20   With Pentarray, Raphaël Martins
14:40   Round table with speakers and moderators
15:00   ICD, Pacemaker: what's new
    Moderators: TBD
15:00   Faut-il interrompre les AOD avant une implantation de pacemaker, DAI, moniteur implantable ? Walid Amara
15:20   Standard care pathway to perform MRI in patients implanted with MRI compatible pacemaker or ICD? Jérome Taieb
15:40   Resynchronisation par Pacemaker sans sonde , Jean-Claude Deharo
16:00   Coffee Break
16:30   Remote monitoring: a new era in France
    Moderators: TBD
16:30   ETAPE program: a french new era, TBD
16:50   Artificial intelligence, Arnaud Rosier
17:10   Centre experience after reimbursement, Ghassan Moubarak

Franck Halimi, Antonio Berruezo


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